Szymon Miks

Software Engineer

Python Lover ❤ DDD enthusiast

About me:

Hi, I'm Szymon Miks Software Engineer based in Lębork, Poland.

I'm interested in software engineering, craftsmanship, clean architecture, clean code, design patterns and pragmatism in software development.

Occasionally, I blog about topics related to software engineering.

I'm still learning and developing my soft and programming skills. I'm always looking for new opportunities and challenges to grow up my skills. I love Python and the whole environment and community around this language.


May 2023 – now


Senior Backend Software Engineer

  • Kaizen Reporting is a data-driven technology company that makes working with financial regulation easier, from researching and tracking rules to improving the quality of their regulatory reporting.
    • Implementation of the new features
    • API development
    • Technologies: Python, Docker, AWS Lambda, AWS Athena, AWS Glue, DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, SNS, SQS, big data, pytest

July 2021 – May 2023

Netguru S.A.

Senior Python Developer

  • A Global Employee Engagement Platform (EEP) serving 50,000 companies with over 15 million users.
    • Over 100 microservices
    • Implementation of the new features for the User Management & Onboarding Team
    • Event-driven architecture
    • Integration with external services
    • API development
    • Technologies: Python, Docker, AWS Lambda, AWS ECS, DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, SNS, SQS, pytest, CircleCI
  • A company aiming to make the flat rental a service based on cognitive ease, security and predictability for the client
    • Integration with Polish Banks API like ING, PEKAO, Santander
    • Working with SOAP API
    • Development of new features like massive transactions, an account history report
    • Technologies: Python, Docker, Django, pytest, CircleCI

July 2019 – July 2021

Netguru S.A.

Python Developer

  • A Global Employee Engagement Platform (EEP) serving 50,000 companies with over 15 million users.
    • Participating in migration from monolith architecture to microservices architecture
    • Proposed and convinced business to do Event Storming for migration purpose
    • Developed new microservices in a way of hexagonal architecture with various patterns
    • Event-driven architecture
    • Integration with external services
    • Technologies: Python, Docker, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, SNS, SQS, localstack, pytest, openapi, CircleCI, Bamboo
  • A platform that helps property companies protect rental Income through advanced due diligence and fraud detection tests.
    • Monolithic application written in Django
    • Development of new features
    • Migration some features to Serverless
    • Integration with external services
    • Technologies: Python, Docker, AWS, MySQL, Django, DRF, AWS SAM, AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS, pytest
  • An application allowing to use the value of your Real Estate as an investment opportunity.
    • Monolithic application written in Django
    • Development of new features
    • Technologies: Python, Docker, AWS, PostgreSQL, Django, DRF, pytest

March 2019 – July 2019

DLabs sp. z o.o.

Python Developer

  • development of web application using DJANGO
  • working mainly with data science projects - preparing backend code for data science components

November 2016 – March 2019


Full Stack Developer

  • development of web applications
  • development of company version of CMS
  • creating PYTHON scripts for job automation
  • created PYTHON web scraping scripts for moving content from one website to another
  • optimization of JS, CSS, HTML for better website performance
  • maintenance of the virtual private server, working with the Linux operating system, updating and installing GCC, PYTHON, WKHTMTOPDF, NODE.JS, PHP and other tools necessary to web development

September 2016 – October 2016

Aplitt Sp. z o.o.

Junior Monitoring Administrator, System & IT Infrastructure

  • maintenance of existing monitoring mechanisms
  • development and supporting of Zabbix reports system
  • monitoring company infrastructure

June 2016 – September 2016


Web Developer

  • creating websites
  • working with CMS
  • development of HTML templates (SMARTY)
  • development of new features in company version of CMS


Gdańsk University of Technology (Oct 2016 - July 2020)

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, Gdańsk, Poland

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

Zespół Szkół Łączności w Gdańsku (Sep 2012 - June 2016)

High School Centre of Communication and Technology in Gdansk, Poland

IT technician, Information Technology


Rest of my projects are available on my GitHub

Job for specialist

Job For Specialist is a portal which enable free publication of job advertisements. Service is dedicated to specialists in various fields, including agriculture, chemistry, programming, engineering, medicine, science etc.

Django Django Rest Framework PostgreSQL ES6 REST API webpack jQuery

Gene Calc

The Gene-Calc is a constantly developed tool dedicated for calculations related to biological sciences, especially focused in field of genetics. Application offers couple of tools such as:

  • Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium calculator
  • Chi-square tests:
  • Independence (Associations) chi-square
  • Chi-square goodness of fit test:
  • Estimator of genetic distance
  • Polymorphic information content and heterozygosity calculator

Admin panel for content management created with Flask-Login and Flask-Admin with DB on MYSQL

FLASK Flask-Admin Flask-Login ES6 jQuery MYSQL NumPy SciPy BioPython

Bonanza SMS

Marketing application created for restaurant Bar Bonanza Łeba

Created for sending promo SMS every day to people who registered in app. Daily discount or promotion on the selected product like: drinks, food, fast-food etc.

Integrated with for sending SMS messages

Admin panel for content management and app created with Vue.js and REST API



Marketing application created for kayaking company

Application isn't available without authentication for obvious reasons. It's used internally in company

The main idea of ​​this app is to catch GA-client-id during redirection. Admin is giving a client phone number and URL which is going to be shortened. Shortener URL is sent to the client. It means when client click shortener link, he sees redirection screen but under the hood application give him a ga-client-id and after that app will redirect him to previously entered URL

App hosted at heroku with CI supported by CircleCI

FLASK jQuery MYSQL MaterializeCSS CI CircleCI


The website for selling and service WMF coffee machines

Created with Django-CMS

Just for now website is hosted at my personal subdomain but ultimately it will be hosted on a separate domain

Django-CMS jQuery MYSQL


Which I know the best:

Python OOP Unit tests Git REST API Starlette Flask Django Django Rest Framework Docker Docker Compose

Knowledge of:

DDD CQRS Hexagonal architecture SOLID Design patterns Modular monolith Event driven architecture Event Storming C4 model TDD CI/CD Terraform Celery RabbitMQ Serverless Framework

Basic knowledge of:

Event sourcing AWS CloudFormation Django CMS PHP Bash


MySQL MongoDB PostgreSQL DynamoDB Redis Elasticsearch

Cloud Technologies:

AWS Lambda Functions AWS Step Functions AWS S3 AWS SNS AWS SQS AWS API Gateway AWS ECR AWS ECS AWS Fargate AWS Batch AWS RDS AWS Cloudwatch AWS Route53 AWS DynamoDB

Front end technologies:

JavaScript HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap RWD ES6 Vue.js


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